NextWave Consulting

Political Consulting​

Next Wave  is the next generation of political campaigns – developing and executing cutting-edge strategies to capitalize on the demographic, social, economic, and political trends of the future. Our winning record speaks for itself.


Next Wave provides general strategy, screening/endorsement assistance, crisis communications, research, field/events, and everything in between. We manage from top to bottom, the leaving the candidate free to focus on connecting directly with voters and supporters. Our targeted, focused approach ensures efficiency in dollars spent and maximizes opportunities to raise funds. Next Wave has you covered from declaration to transition team.

Community Outreach

Some communities can be challenging to engage effectively. Next Wave understands the nuances and intricacies of the Houston landscape, and can advise on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach to the city. Messaging and outreach that is tailored to each unique community is paramount for successful connections.

Issue Campaigns

Public support is a critical component of any large project or policy proposal. Next Wave’s unique network of trusted community messengers, grassroots organizations, and thought-leaders is capable of garnering support and buy-in from the stakeholders at issue.

Diversity Planning

Public Opinion Polling and Data Analytics

We develop scientific, non-biased public opinion polls designed to measure the public’s views regarding a particular issue or series of issues.  Our scientific polls are conducted using geographic-area probability sampling and conducted by our trained field interviewers. 

We use data analytics to helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities and performance gaps. Our key technologies include machine learning, predicative analysis, data mining  and data management.

Change Management Consulting

We help organizations navigate change by developing custom frameworks to plan, lead, and manage lasting change.

Change Management
Business Optimization

Business Optimization

Ensure that your business is operating with peak efficiency with our optimization services. Next Wave can assist with leadership transitions, process improvement, performance audits, and other business enhancement methods.